We are under assault, or better put our trees are under assault. Many of you, we hope most, have heard about the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). This is a nonnative, invasive insect which was introduced from China about 20 years ago and has spread across the eastern half of the country. This small insect has wreaked havoc on the Ash tree population and is actively killing trees in our area. Yes, the Emerald Ash Borer is here, doing significant damage, and is here to stay.

In the last few years, the EAB population in our area has exploded. In areas such as Middlebrook, Fairfield, Lexington, and Staunton large stands of Ash trees have been killed. This pest is no laughing matter, it is a killer and it is very aggressive.

So, if you have an Ash tree on your property which you enjoy and want to preserve this is the year to begin treatment. If you don’t treat now it will be too late. We are not trying to be sensational, this is a real and present threat which is going to kill all of the Ash trees that are not protected.

Recently, Big O Tree’s Plant Health Care Manager and Certified Arborist, Sten Cempe, attended a conference at which the advancement of the EAB was extensively discussed. One of the important items brought forward was that this insect is here to stay. This means we will continue to have to treat trees into the future. Because of this, we will have to make difficult decisions about which trees to preserve and which to remove. That choice will have to be made by property owners and managers.

In addition, there is a great threat to failure and injury from trees killed by EAB. Ash trees which have been killed by the borer quickly dry out and become very brittle. This means limbs and branches soon begin to fail and fall, causing damage. Again, don’t take this warning lightly, this is a serious threat. Be especially concerned with large Ash trees that overhang homes, properties, and roads.

With all this said, there is a way to treat Emerald Ash Borer if you are interested in preserving your trees. The team at Big O Tree has been successfully treating Ash trees for the last ten years, making us experienced in managing this pest. After studying the available data and research, we chose to utilize a trunk injection system to suppress EAB. This injection system along with a specific systemic insecticide has proven to be the best treatment option. This product provides two years or protection for your tree.

Don’t wait until it is too late, contact us today to protect your trees!