Tree Care

Big “O” Tree is pleased to offer a range of tree care services for residential and commercial clients. Whether you want to improve the health and stability of your trees, prepare for unexpected storms, remove undesired trees from your property, or prune your trees to enjoy the beautiful views of Virginia. Big O Tree has the experience, equipment, and experts to accomplish your goals.

It is not always clear what work needs to be done to achieve your goals and we understand that at Big O Tree. Our ISA Certified arborists can help you evaluate your specific situation and propose appropriate action. We will listen to what you want to see in your landscape and assess the current health of your trees to ensure you receive the best tree care.


Weak branches are the cause of a majority of storm damage. To prevent your home and property from damage, Big O Tree will assess the current structural stability of your trees. We use traditional dead end steel cables as well as the more “tree-friendly Cobra Cabling Systems to give your tree additional support, therefore keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Crown Cleaning

Does a mild windstorm leave you with broken branches all over your lawn? Crown cleaning involves trimming the tree to remove dead, broken, diseased and/or weak limbs. This cleaning promotes the health of the plant as well as the overall aesthetic quality of the tree. Depending on the number of dead branches, this can be a substantial change to the look of the tree. 



Limbs in the outer canopy (and sometimes the inner canopy) are selectively thinned to give the strongest branches room to grow. Thinning allows more sunlight to reach the ground, increasing air circulation within the tree. Therefore decreasing the risk of fungal infection and decreasing the risk of limb failure. 


At Big O Tree, we love trees and appreciate their beauty and function. We strive to work with the natural form and function of a tree to promote its health, reduce risks, and help you fulfill your needs for the tree. We offer a wide range of tree pruning options to fit every budget and situation. For a full list of our pruning services click here.

Emergency Storm Work

Call us immediately if you need assistance caused by a storm: (540) 337-4588. It is the policy of Big O Tree and Lawn Service to give our loyal clientele priority in the event of a storm emergency.


Tree removal can be a difficult and dangerous operation. Some trees require special skills and equipment to be safely and efficiently removed. You may need a crane or to employ specialized rigging techniques. Big O Tree and Lawn Service has the experience, equipment, and experts to safely remove any tree.

Root-Collar Excavation

Many of the issues affecting the health and performance of a tree are found in the roots. An effective method to evaluate the root crown area of a tree is through root collar excavation. In this process, we carefully remove the soil around the base of the tree using a specialized tool and forced air. We are then able to assess the root structure and health. Often we find the roots have wrapped around the base of the tree which may eventually strangle the tree, these are called stem girdling roots. If found early, Big O Tree can remove the roots before they can damage your tree.