Pest Management

Your landscape is in good hands with Big O Tree and Lawn Service. Our pest management program will help your landscape thrive. Our educated staff understands how to use the best products in an environmentally responsible manner to target pests. From careful, thorough, diagnostics to proper timing and targeting, Big O Tree has the expertise to assist you. 

Four Keys to Successful Pest Management

  1. Targeted Treatments: We treat for the specific pest on a specific host at the right stage and time.
  2. Environmentally Aware: We use low toxicity pesticides at the correct rate only when needed.
  3. State Certified Pesticide Applicators and Technicians: Our staff is fully licensed and trained to make the right application for the targeted pest.
  4. Education: We attend regular continuing education training conferences, seminars and lectures to learn of new invasive pests, the latest in control methods and materials and to maintain our proficiency and safety.

Give us a call today to learn what our pest management program will do to help your landscape perform at its best.


Bagworms on tree


Micro-injection tools near a tree