Tree Pruning Services

Pruning, also known as tree trimming, is a necessary practice for trees to help its health, promote growth, improve beauty, and maintain the structural integrity. This service is good for the development of young trees as well as maintaining the safety of older ones. Big O Tree offers a wide range of pruning services for any situation you may be experiencing. From small jobs to major overhauls, the certified team at Big O Tree has the skills, experience, and equipment to do the job. Take a look at the various services we can provide to improve your landscape below.

Salvage or Restorative

Trees that have been damaged in storms or topped require salvage pruning. This service has the long-term goal of improving the structure of the tree, decreasing maintenance, and keeping your tree healthy for as long as possible.

Two arborists working on a tree above a house
Picnic table under large tree


Structural pruning is a preventative measure for tree health. During this process, we target future problem branches and removes them. You are left with a structurally sound tree less likely to fail. For best results, structural pruning should be done when a tree is young or small. However, it can also work for older or large trees.


Pruning views involve removing branches in the interior portion or upper portion of a tree to “pull back the curtain” and reveal the view you desire. We have done countless projects in the Wintergreen resort area to reveal the gorgeous views of Virginia. Contact us today to claim your view!

Big O Tree staff working on large tree under the sun
Tree with orange leaves


Could your trees use a makeover? Do you need to prune a tree so it can look its best? Big O Tree can reveal the beauty of your trees while maintaining their natural grace. Proper pruning and thinning will produce a healthy tree which will perform well in the landscape and enhance its natural form and function.