On the weekend of January 25th, Sten Cempe led Boy Scout Troop 13 on a camping trip that provided life saving knowledge to young boys of our community. The troop participated in a winter camping challenge known as Klondike Camp at Camp Shenandoah. This trip has traditionally been one of the troops favorite camp trips and this year was no exception.

The weekend challenge includes the challenge of surviving and thriving in the cold weather. The boys learn how to dress for the conditions, the best camping gear for cold, and how to prepare and cook in adverse conditions. The weather was cold with overnight temperatures in the low 20’s, but it did not rain or snow. The boys were all well prepared for the weather and everyone stayed warm and comfortable.

In addition, each patrol of the troop engaged in a competition with patrols from other troops in many areas of outdoor camping. These challenges include starting a fire without matches or lighters and cooking a simple meal over the fire, using a compass to navigate a course through the woods, building a shelter from branches and leaves, and other team building challenges and races.

The two patrols of Troop 13, The Flaming Arrows and Vikings, spent the entire Saturday in the competition. Both troops did very well placing in first and second overall. Together the two patrols brought home ten ribbons for placing in the events. We are proud of their work, leadership, and teamwork!

The boys were also responsible for cooking meals each day. They cooked sausage gravy and biscuits, chicken patty sandwiches, dinner of fried pork loins, and then pancakes on Sunday morning. Sten’s troop has a tradition of eating well and this cooking will help many of the boys earn their Cooking Merit badge.

Winter camping is very challenging but it can be a time to stretch and grow. The Scouts of Troop 13 has always enjoyed and done well at Klondike Camp and this year they kept the tradition alive. Sten and the other adult leaders of the troop are proud of the work the scouts accomplished and are pleased to know they have had a part in them growing as scouts and as men. They will be an important part of our community in the future. Well done Troop 13!