The best day of the year is almost here! That is, of course, if you love trees as much as we do here at Big O Tree. National Arbor Day is on April 27, 2018, and customers from Staunton to Charlottesville are preparing for the celebration.

Big O Tree recently had the opportunity to help Venable Elementary School in Charlottesville prepare for an Arbor Day celebration. The school is preparing for their Arbor Day Dedication Ceremony by pruning the beautiful red oak tree in the front of their building.

Tree pruning is done for a number of reasons for improving the beauty of the tree or ensuring safety for the passersby below. Venable Elementary felt it was important to protect the safety of their students and staff. So they enlisted our team to remove dead and weak branches. Not only does this improve the structure of the tree it creates a beautiful view for teachers and students to enjoy.

In addition, the school had a lightning protection system installed in the tree to further protect the tree and the safety of the students, faculty, and parents. The lightning protection system will prevent lightning from striking the tree. The equipment for the new system was generously donated by Robin Hanes.

Interested in Preparing Your Trees for National Arbor Day?

Does your school or business have trees that need pruning? Whether for the safety of those below or to improve the overall health of your tree, pruning can make a world of difference. Big O Tree and Lawn Service has the equipment and training to prune your trees safely. Contact our team today for a free estimate!