With 2018 fast approaching, Big O Tree and Lawn Service is beginning renewals for the lawn treatment program. We are excited to offer some more enhanced options for your turf treatment in the new year. We are convinced that these options will improve your turf over the course of the growing season at a reasonable price.

This spring we are offering a three ingredient tonic to add to your weed and feed spray. This tonic will improve root development and fertilizer uptake and optimization. In addition, it enhances plant vigor and strengthens against both physical and weather-induced stress. This is a much more vigorous grass plan for both below and above the surface. By adding this enhancement to your weed and feed spray, you will see improved turf with a much greater chance to ward off and rebound from summer stress.

This same three ingredient tonic can also be used on its own as an economical alternative to a conventional fungicide. In the past, Big O Tree has not promoted fungicides due, in part, to the extreme expenses. This expense incurs because fungicides are meant to be used throughout the duration of the summer. Beginning in may the tonic will be offered at a similar price to a weed and feed, per dose, which is a third of the cost of conventional fungicides. Because we are utilizing a tonic instead of a fungicide, this will be less “addictive” for the lawn.

Reminders for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

As always, Big O Tree advocates our customers to maintain a tall finished cut when you mow to see optimal results. We also recommend leaving the clippings on the ground as often as possible, especially after every treatment. And finally, to ensure your turf is receiving the treatment it needs, Big O urges our customers to update your soil analysis every three to four years for pH and/or nutrient needs. If your last soil analysis was in 2015 you will want to consider getting another this spring. Our fee for soil analysis will remain $35 for a single sample analyzed by the lab.

If you have any questions about renewing or signing up for our lawn treatment program please contact us today!

We appreciate your patronage and trust you will also think of Big O for tree and shrub needs.

Randy Houff
Turf Division Manager